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The Virus Cancer Program 1977 (PDF Download)

  • The Virus Cancer Program 1977

Product Description

The Virus Cancer Program (“SVCP” June 1977) contains the entire 333 page text published exclusively for “insiders” in 1977 program that began in 1962 following determinations that the Salk polio vaccines had delivered live polio and cancer viruses to recipients worldwide. This is the near final report for the program terminated in 1978 following the mass introduction of HIV/AIDS by hepatitis B vaccines into gay men in New York, San Francisco and Denver. This research tomb is MUST READNG for any serious cancer researcher. Published and censored by the Division of Cancer Cause and Prevention of the National Cancer Institute, U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Public Health Service, National Institute of Health, this volume was recovered by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz in a most amazing way as detailed HERE. This volume, together with the 1972 SVCP Progress Report, gives extraordinary evidence of official malfeasance in the subsequent promotion of pseudo-science and propaganda upon which the world of cancer research and remedial care exists.

The SVCP was a largely-funded mostly-secret academic/scientific effort at the heart of President Nixon's "War on Cancer." It lays the foundation for understanding how and why the growing global CANCER CRISIS emerged, directly from the officials involved. For cancer patients, their doctors, and serious researchers it provides invaluable intelligence on the emergence of various types of leukemia, lymphomas, sarcomas, breast cancer, prostate cancer, esophageal cancers, cancers in cats and dogs, and more.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, this text reveals the cancer virus and vaccination experiments and governmental contracts by which civilization now faces threatened extinction by way of genetic recombinations and environmental intoxications. For example, the experiments that gave rise to HIV/AIDS, Ebola, the many hepatitis viruses are detailed in the text explanations and contracts. Today, the soft tissue cancers linked to Epstein-Barr and herpes B viruses--common vaccination contaminants--are best explained in the expert reports compiled in this text.

The SVCP 1972 Report includes an "Introduction" and explanation of the "Organization" of the researchers written by J.B. Moloney of the Office of the Associate Scientific Director for Viral Ocology. Sections include:

  • Summary Reports from the Scientific Directors of the Office of Biohazard and Environmental Control, including chemical agents that trigger cancers and viral "oncogene" expression; and Branch Reports in Viral Leukemia and Lymphoma Branches reasoned most important to human immunity in the fight against cancer.
  • The Research Logic for the SVCP
  • Major Programs and Progress in Viral Oncology and its Contracts
  • Tables Analyzing the Contracts; and
  • Contract Summaries

A Directory completes each text, cites each Contractor, their financing and activities, including their names, addresses and contact information, along with an extensive list of their scientific publications.

Obviously, this intelligence and public record is exquisitely important not only in healthcare and science, but for medical-legal investigators advancing class action lawsuits for compensating SVCP program victims.

(Note: This volume is only available in pdf downloadable format at the present time.)


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