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Hawaii Deep State Nuclear Psyops Streaming Video

  • Hawaii Deep State Nuclear PSYOPS

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Honolulu, HI (1-29-18)–Two weeks after the worst breach of civil defense security in history Harvard-trained media intelligence analyst, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, and investigative journalist Sherri Kane, have produced a 57-minute multi-media “docu-commentary” titled the Hawaii Deep State Nuclear Psyops. The video containing more than 200 graphics best explains the “dumfounding” of state and federal officials most responsible for terrorizing Hawaii citizens with the false nuclear ballistic missile alert on January 13, 2017. The production implicates multi-national corporations advancing the cyber-security defense industry.

The riveting analysis of the “cyber-warfare” best explains how four well-trained Hawaii Emergency Management Agency staff in the control room issued the false “INCOMING” alert after repeated “fail safe” prompts cautioned them against the mistake. A supervisor even verified the “button pushing” preceding the deadly 38-minute delay in clearing the false broadcast. And days later, a similar crisis happened in Japan, undermining the “accident” theory.

Unanswered questions and public outrage over officials’ misrepresentations and unnerving “dumbfounding” raised probable cause for Horowitz, Kane, and co-investigator J.T. Kong, to re-consider sabotage by cyber-hacking. The hacking theory was suspiciously neglected by officials and the media after Gov. Ige’s staff blamed a single un-identified “button pusher.” But the warning-officer refused to cooperate with federal investigators, and the cyber-security system worked perfectly at least eighty (80) times previously.

“The Hawaii ballistic missile ‘psyops’ compounds a pattern of ‘crisis capitalism’ and commercial crime that is akin to hiding an elephant-under-the-carpet while officials act like frightened subjects in the children’s book The Emperor’s New Clothes,” explained Dr. Horowitz “The elephant no one wants to mention is the ‘common denominators’--the two most powerful institutional investors in the cyber-security and intelligence industry.”

Horowitz is the award-winning author of the book that CDC officials credit for largely prompting the anti-vaccination movement internationally—Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? Horowitz also produced UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro voted “Best Film – 2016” at the World International Film Festival. He follows that production now showing stockholders profiting from the public deception and simple cyber-crime of hacking a new message into the state’s vulnerable alert system.
“Blackrock and Vanguard are the obvious ‘common denominators’ among institutional investors controlling interests in the four suspect companies: AT&T that stands to make more than $40B with First Net—the alternative first alert emergency wireless system targeting first responders; HELCO—the Hawaii Electric Company that partnered in the “Fusion Center” with all the intelligence agencies working with the civil defense group; then there’s Comcast/NBC Universal/MSNBC that arrived at the civil defense bunker and began filming hours before the false alert was broadcast, and finally Booz Allen Hamilton,” Horowitz recounted.

“Imagine going up against the Edward Snowden’s employer—Booz Allen Hamilton—working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Agency (NSA),” said program co-host Sherri Kane.

Kane, a FOX News defector, wasn’t speaking about herself or Horowitz, but the “button pusher.”

“Booz Allen in Honolulu received a $5B Defense Department contract to develop hacking and anti-hacking intelligence and cyber-security systems, including those developed and tested to protect nuclear weapons contractors,” Kane explained. “The evidence in Hawaii shows officials were dumbfounded that the button pusher pushed the right button that had to have been hacked to broadcast the wrong message.”

“Would you want to ‘cooperate’ with intelligence agents who blame you for something their criminal enterprise did?” Kane asked.

The Hawaii Deep State Nuclear Psyops is available for free viewing by Healthy World News subscribers. Others can pay-per-view on for only $3.93 thanks to support for the program from the public protection group, Medical Veritas International, Inc.


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