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CBD528 Homeo-Alchemy

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Spirit Remedies presents CBD528 Homeo-Alchemy Energized by 528 Frequency of LOVE

If you or someone you love is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, chronically depressed, in pain, addicted to drugs, and not feeling good enough about life in general, or lack a positive attitude to act for your own best interests and success, then CBD528 is for you.

It is public knowledge that cannabis extracted cannabidiol ("CBD") helps reduce pain and can benefit many medical patients. It is also public knowledge that certain Bach flower essences can remedy certain emotional patterns and help instill beneficial attitudes.  We began with this know-how the process of creating CBD528 as drug-free (and drug-freeing) homeopathic expressly developed to put you into the "ZONE" of bliss--pain-free living, positive attitudes, success thinking, and healthy peaceful living.

Developed by Dr. Leonard Horowitz and psycho-social analyst, Sherri Kane, they selected the best, purist, white crystal CBD hemp (cannabidiol isolate), even though they wanted the finished product to be free of chemical CBD. They knew science proved efficacy of CBD isolates (C1 and C2)(1) against a variety of illnesses; especially pain, depression, and emotional distress. And they knew homeopathic science taught how to extract those values "energetically." They worked to formulate and manufacture a homeo-alchemical product that would generate the same beneficial effects of CBD on body, mind, emotions and spirit, but without retaining any of the chemical in the final product. They did this using Dr. Horowitz's pioneering discoveries in water science, OxiSilver manufacturing, and the Solfeggio frequency of "LOVE 528." They reasoned that the "resonance energy signature" of pure CBD, and the specific flower essences, would deliver the same befits in a homeo-alchemical formula using a small amount of OxySilver that features a novel silver-oxygen molecule in water. The silver and water both being super-conductors of frequency energy--sound and light--was correctly reasoned to be a double super-conductor of homeopathic resonance power. And they were right!

Testimonies from users were outstanding. However, because CBD528 acts SO POWERFULLY to remedy old patterns of self-defeating thoughts and psycho-social behavior habits, users often reported a rapid and dramatic "healing crisis" wherein these negative patterns were brought to conscious awareness for the first time to prompt permanent purging and behavior change. For this reason, it may be best to use CBD528 in combination with professional care.

CBD528 did and does amazing things for a lot of users for a number of reasons. The cost is totally affordable. One bottle can help a person for years stay "in the ZONE of bliss," or be used to help many people since only 3 drops under the tongue produces results and is the recommended dose. Used during pain episodes or during emotional crisis to supplement professional care (if needed and desired) can help people generally "detox" and extinguish their negative self-defeating pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting. This is great news, especially for intoxicated people, patients who are "over-drugged," and/or hard pressed to afford expensive CBD products or professional care.

As complementary or alternative medicine, CBD-free homeopathic CBD528, follows standard homeopathic protocols to deliver a better life for users, without adding more drugs or chemicals to sensitive bodies.

1 oz bottle

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Product Reviews

  1. unsure of cbd percentage? water %?, and other ingredients %? Why not? 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Aug 2017

    It is not disclosed, what is the cbd content ad percentages of CBD? How much water is mixed?, how much silver? Please respond and inform. asked Dr. Horowitz to respond:

    This review smacks of what a "PharmaTroll" would post to disparage our great product. Otherwise, they post as a simpleton neglecting to read the obvious link provided to answer their questions:

    Now, since I have informed this "troll" well by that link about the ingredients, including the particular botanical essences used, and the amount of silver and structured water content, do you really think this information is going to help this troll get better results than other customers writing reviews?

    I approved of this troll's review to be posted to expose how lame and damaging "BigPharma tolls" are to natural healthcare competitors and consumers seeking alternatives to toxic, risky and deadly drugs.

    The percentage of CBD in CBD528 is not included because there is no chemical CBD in the product. There is only the resonant energy of the pure CBD in the homeopathic. Please study homeopathy. That would help answer the Troll's second question. There is 100% steam distilled water in this homeo-alchemical formula. Again, you can read about that on the linked website for CBD528: . The covalent bond between silver and oxygen in the water molecule, (creating an oxysilver molecule actually) produces the alchemical change in the 100% water, since the electrons that are shared between the oxygen and silver are resonating at 528Hz/nm—the frequency of “LOVE—the ‘Universal Healer’.” All the above makes CBD528 unique in the consumer products self-care industry. It is like, let’s say, an “apple.” You can’t compare it to “oranges.” The Troll's first question does this. It seeks to compare our “apple” with crystalline CBD. That is unreasonable.

    So the “other ingredients” is 3 parts-per-million microfine pure silver covalently bonded in the water. That is it for ingredients, aside from the flower resonances (essences detailed on the aforementioned link) we added for the emotional and psychosocial benefits traditionally ascribed to these flowers.

    We spend a TREMENDOUS amount of time in loving labor publishing details about the ingredients of our products, and their benefits. Legitimate and reasonably intelligent customers can read and benefit from our detailed explanations and science.

  2. Very Helpful 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Aug 2017

    CBD528 has been very helpful with physical distress and soreness with NO side effects.

  3. Fantastic 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jun 2017

    Within 12 hours of my first dose, I felt a lifting of my grieving spirit. Last summer, the love of my life, my soul mate, transitioned after 30 years together. I found myself floundering and had to force myself to get out and LIVE. After taking CBD 528, I felt like re-joining the world of the living. Still grieving of course, but more hopeful and able to feel joy again.

    A side note: I had been experiencing some lower back pain and have been doing exercises to alleviate it, but the CBD528 helped move that pain to an almost negligible level within 24 hours.

    Thank you so much. I am recommending this product to everyone. God bless you!

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